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Crude Sludge Collection and Removal

Sludge and Petroleum waste is usually accumulated and contained for many different reasons. Considering that environmental friendly requirements get stricter over time, the main reason for not processing the waste is that there is no guaranteed solution for the full process that starts with collection of the sludge and finalized with full remediation and environmentally friendly affluent.


With the right tools for each job, we can retrieve petroleum sludge from any location in any condition, but this is just the start.

These are the main sources of accumulated petroleum residue:

Pits & Slop Sludge 

For Sludge accumulated in open group pits and pools. These are found near facilities, inside fields or at drilling sites to contain waste that is hard to process.

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Terminal Bottom Tank Sludge 

Bottom tank sludge and bitumen usually have desirable hydrocarbons to recover. Additionally, operators are always looking for ways to reduce their tank maintenance clean up times to increase their tank availability per year. Different tools and additives can be used to fluidize the sludge, remove it and clean of the tank.

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Spills - On-Shore and Off-Shore

Spills are unpredictable events. Having ready tools and systems to deploy on spill site can help mitigate any additional damage to the environment. Mobile units are easy to deploy both off-shore and on-shore with a set of tools to do the job.

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