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Pits, Dumping Sites and other sludge removal Tools Package

SLOP Oil Recovery

Pits are the most common dumping ground for petroleum waste, but also small field tanks have to be serviced for flow assurance, specially in heavy oil production areas.

SLOP oil recovery system is a method and the equipment used for cleaning and disposing of mixtures of oil,  sludge, chemicals, and water produced from various sources from a refinery or oilfield.

The sludge is a deposition consisting of:

  1. High-molecular-weight Paraffins,

  2. Asphaltenes

  3. Water & Emulsions

  4. Inorganic solids,

  5. Salts

  6. Mechanical impurities​

Units can use Full Set of Tools:

  • Fluidization Steam Jets 

  • Small Tank Jets

  • Pit Skimmers

  • Collection Pumps

  • Intake Agitation Tanks

  • Slop Sludge Removal

Small Tanks, Field Tanks, Rail Carts, Barges

Small Tank Cleaning using Enzyme Additive for Sludge Fluidization

Field Service & Petroleum Waste Management​

This is the perfect job for the Mobile Unit 3000

petroleum waste residue pit after incineration
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