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Ecuador Presentación Técnica Latam GreenZyme Noviembre 2018

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Recuperación Mejorada de Petróleo en Yacimientos Maduros y pozos con problemas de producción en Ecuador utilizando GreenZyme

Lunes 12 de Noviembre, 2018 - 8:30am, Auditorio FIGEMPA, Universidad Central del Ecuador

Ecuador Presentación Técnica GreenZyme Noviembre 2018

The objective of this report is to identify the Enzyme EOR potential of the Ecuadorian Amazon Region also known as Oriente Basin. This study first evaluates the type of EOR method applicable to the oilfields located in the Ecuadorian Amazon Region, also known as screening.

The reservoirs analyzed for all the oilfields were:

  • Basal Tena

  • Napo M-1 Sand

  • Napo M-2 Sand

  • Napo U Upper, Middle, and Lower

  • Napo T Arena

  • Hollin

The necessary inputs or reservoir data for this evaluation came from the Petroleum Information Databank or BIPE, a project from Secretariat of Hydrocarbons of Ecuador (SHE). The evaluation is not detailed since the objective of this study is to provide a first guide of the theoretical potential of Enzyme EOR methods in Ecuador. The first target field is Shushufindi oil field. Due to the reservoir characteristics in the Ecuadorian Amazon Region, the most applicable EOR methods are immiscible gas followed by chemicals (Polymers and surfactants).

The CO2 miscible flood could work, but there are no near natural or anthropogenic sources. The proposed Enzyme EOR is environmental friendly approach already tested in similar formations and reservoir conditions in China, Venezuela, Canada, Indonesia and elsewhere.

EOR potential in Ecuador gives a range of values between 700 to 750 million barrels with half of the potential realized with the immiscible gas (HC) which has a significant value and can be monetized.

This is the first time Enzyme EOR is proposed for Ecuadorian Oil Fields. The pilot if successful followed by the routine application with acid jobs can un-locked significant reserves for the Ecuador and generate significant revenue.

GreenZyme Technical Presentation for Ecuador and Latam oil fields 2018



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