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  • Lucas Evangelista

Mobile Sludge Separation & Hydrocarbon Recovery with Integrated Water Purification & Solids Removal

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

MODULAR & MOBILE self-powered Sludge Separation PLANTS

  • Automatic tank cleaning and oil separation for maximum safety & efficiency.

  • Industry cost effective all inclusive processing cost

  • Minimally invasive, damage free installation.

  • No cold-tapping required. No man inside tank or pools.

  • Inert Gas System. Active monitoring of explosive gases (LEL)

  • Construction, installation to European ATEX 95, ATEX 114 - Operation ATEX 137.

BTP-LeMar Sludge processing mobile field complex

Cost Effective:

  • Containerized module system for fast deployment and processing.

  • Reclaimed oil from spills and waste can can be sold as valuable product for profit.

  • Environmentally Friendly - Achieves 1% TPH in water and solids

  • Smaller units can be used to service fuel stations, small field tanks and rail carts.

We offer a proprietary gravity separation unit with coalescers, which efficiently separate oil, water and residue solids. The main feature of the complex is that it will provide all aspects of clean up, reducing contamination and waste of all components in one single unit process.

sludge processing and wastewater purification

Oil sludge and Processing Wastewater contains micro and nano size solids and emulsions, which make the process of separating solids from water and oil very complicated. The mobile units in cooperation with specialty vendors developed new more efficient flocculants and bio flocculants to process most complicated sludge. Our flocculants successfully tested for ocean and land derived sludge and can be used in agitation tanks before intake into the mobile systems primary separation, or directly added to the gravity coaleser.

Hydrocarbon Polishing Unit The GreenZyme Fluid Technology works as a surface detergent catalyzing reactions between a substrate (oil), formation and water were larger molecules are broken into smaller ones and solids are separated to purify hydrocarbons. using a dynamic process, hydrocarbons can be recovered from spills and also from solvent mixing. This allows the mobile unit to be able to recovery and polish high grade usable product like Marine Diesel/Bunker Oil and reduce water emulsions for ready market use in power stations and port barges.

Lemar Remediation Floculant

Attached Hydrocarbon Residue Digestion

We offers novel bacteria products to effectively treat waste including surfactants, petrochemicals, hydrocarbons, fats, oil and greases (FOG), BOD5 and sludges. BIOREM-L bacteria are used to treat a broad spectrum of waste and wastewater challenges. The bacteria is strong to work under the heaviest conditions and is very productive in activated sludge and pro-active digesters designed by BTP- LeMar. Short processing time of 50 min to a few hours allows for smaller size effective digesters and even make it mobile for field processing.

mobile petroleum waste, spill and sludge processing for on site response
mobile petroleum waste, spill and sludge processing for on site response

MOBILE DIGESTERS built-in 40’ containers. Prefabricated system is simple, flexible and easily integrated into already-established operations. System components are pre-manufactured units shipped as complete systems from the supplier.

LeMar offers two types of the field biodigester: stationary and mobile.


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