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btp greenzyme oil recovery

Experimental Study on Apollo Enzyme Blocking Removal Technique

Research Institute of Perculation and Fluid Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Scrences, Langfang Branch of Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development, CNPC, China
The characters and application of Apollo enzyme were introduced. For studying bioenzyme blocking removal mechanism, the blocking is simulated by distilling formation crude oil from a oilfield. Experiment for capillary absorbing is carried out for detecting the interface tension between oil-water-enzyme solution, by which the gas chromatogram of saturated hydrocarbon both before and after enzyme fluid technology usage is obtained.


It is found out that Apollo GreenZyme has the function of changing rock wettability, reducing oil-water interfacial tension and organic scaling stripping, degradation, a physical simulation test is made for removing organic blocking by using cores packed with sand from the oilfield.


The result shows that after 8% Apollo enzyme solution blockage removal agent prepared with formation water and exposed for 48h. The cores recover 90% or more oil, permeability increases more 13.78% than that before blocking, and better blocking removal effect is achieved.

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