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case studies for GreenZyme(r) Fluid Technology Applications

GreenZyme® Treatments Yield Additional 440,703 BOP in 6 Years For a Single Well, Venezuela

Operator, had many blocked, underperforming wells located around Lake Maracaibo. Oil Well was chosen to receive multiple treatments of GreenZyme EOR, to test whether the recovery factor would increase after each treatment.  GreenZyme had already established success in single treatment applications, but prior to this pilot, no multiple applications of GreenZyme had been recorded in South America.

EEOR Success in Mann Field, Myanmar (SPE 144231)

Oil production increased in two test wells in a mature oil reservoir in Mann Field, Myanmar by successfully applying anenzyme-enhanced oil recovery (EEOR) process.

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Biological Enzyme EOR for Low Permeability Reservoirs, Daqing, China (SPE144281)

Biology Enzyme has extra high ability of releasing reservoir rock particle surface hydrocarbons

Analysis of Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Enzymes in Texas

GreenZyme® fluid is presently used in a variety of downhole applications to remove blockage, release additional oil and improve the mobility of crude.

New Frontiers in EOR methodologies by Application of Enzymes, India (SPE 154690)

Enahncement of the amount of oil recovered from exisisting reservoirs is slowly becoming a standard procedure during the operational life of the oil well.

Crude Oil Recovery Enhancement Using Apollo GreenZyme®, Tiandong Oilfield, China

Apollo Separation Technologies Inc developed GreenZyme®, a new type of highly effective biological oil well unclogging agent.

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EOR Pilot Tests With Modified Enzyme in, Dagang Oilfield,  China (SPE 107128)

One specific pilot test with modified enzyme had achieved additional oil production 22,869 bbl.

academic studies
Academic studies

Enzymes have recently been considered as possible agents for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) acting at the liquid–solid interface. One way to assess this is via measuring the wettability of calcite surfaces, important for EOR methods in carbonaceous reservoirs. In the present work, we have experimentally investigated the effect of enzymes on the wettability of calcite mineral surfaces with oil–brine systems.

New Agent for Formation-Damage Mitigation in Heavy-Oil Reservoir: Mechanism and Application, China (SPE 112355)

After the biological enzyme solution extracts crude oil from the sand surface, GreenZyme® can make oil and sand flow separately, preventing the formation of mud cakes while improving the mobility of crude heavy oil.

Enzymes for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), Norway

Oil entrapment is a result of complex interactions between viscous, gravity and capillary forces. Improving recovery from hydrocarbon fields typically involves altering the relative importance of the viscous and capillary forces. It was found that enzymes can change the adhesion behavior of the crude oil on glass surfaces from adhesion to non-adhesion when they are added to the brine solution

The experimental results confirm a considerable decrease in contact angle with enzyme solutions compared to an untreated brine. We have been investigating to what extent enzymes can change the wettability state of an oil reservoir formation and possibly lead to increased oil recovery by waterflooding SCA2009-28

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lab studies
GreenZyme® Flood Summary, USA 22594

Comercial Core Study done in Houston, Texas
Lab Evaluation of the Product GreenZyme®, Brazil

Testing effectiveness of GreenZyme® solution in different enviroments

See also: Recuperação Avançada de Óleo

Estimulación con GreenZyme® genera 440,000 Barriles Adicionales de Crudo, Venezuela

Este reporte revela informacion del grupo de pozos tratados con GreenZyme en los primeros 6 anios de su uso en Maracaibo.

Metodología para la Selección de Enzimas Biológicas en Procesos de Estimulación de Pozos, Colombia
Pozos de Yacimientos de YSUR Tratados con GreenZyme®, Neuquén, Argentina

El tratamiento mencionado tiene por objetivo disminuir el petróleo residual mediante dos acciones: reducción de la tensión interfacial hidrocarburo - fase acuosa y alteración de la mojabilidad de la roca.

GreenZyme® Oil Well Treatments in the State of Zulia, Venezuela.

Project report of 28 wells treated with GreenZyme®

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