GreenZyme® single well booster treatment

Treatments are usually very simple and can be completed in a single day. Most Huff n Puff treatments to date have used GreenZyme® concentrate diluted to solutions between 2%-10%. Mixed on surface with available water and then pumped inside the well using traditional injection methods and also compatible with the latest intervention equipment. The objective is to displace the solution into the oil producing zone. From here GreenZyme® will diffuse further in the layer making contact with the substrate and the oil. Additional formation water is injected to clear the injection tube length and displace the remaining fluid mix into the formation

Water Based Solution Compatible with all Well Intervention Treatments.

Once the the pumping is completed, the well is soaked for 3-5 days to give the enzyme fluid time to diffuse in the producing rock, promotes crude contact and creation of a enzyme-water skin on substrate surface resulting in a change of adhesion behavior of hydrocarbons and increase reservoir fluid mobility before resuming production. A change in static well fluid will show the effect of GreenZyme® action indicating more fluid is available around the well bore to be produced. 


Like a detergent, the result of using GreenZyme® in any reservoir is increased permeation of the reservoir fluid thru rock by washing away of oil from rock.  

Perfect Intervention solution for:

Heavy Oil, Fluid Permeability, Water Cone Mitigation, Emulsions, Unproduced Oil Pockets, Fingering.

Treat Any Well by Casing Slug, Tubing Injection, Coil Tubing, Bullheading.

AECO SACIA mobie crude oil with GreenZyme Bio agent fluid

GreenZyme®  Smart Water Additive

Water Based Enzyme Fluid Technology is a perfect additive to any water process operation. GreenZyme® is designed as a hydrocarbon separator additive that turns water into a powerful detergent surfactant that washes oil from any surface. 

Can easily be used in the reservoir mixed into injection water drive. Enzyme Enhanced Oil Recovery (EEOR) treatments have shown the use of enzyme fluid can decrease injection pressure of the water drive, increase capacity of the formation to receive water, improve sweep efficiency and volume recovery. 

GreenZyme® penetrates the pores to displace crude.


Biologically made yet inert, GreenZyme® is not a solvent and does not reach with other chemicals nor rock. Positive effect of enzyme fluid is that promotes a polar effect and a synergy with the salinity in the fluid environment and the rock substrate using them to increase the oil liberation effect. GreenZyme® has the ability to perform oil liberation in high salinity environments.


It can also be pre-heated at the time of well treatment injection at 80 C degres and recorded working up to 270 C in laboratory test. Combining GreenZyme® water based technology with Steam Cycles and SAGD has been found to be a very effective way to use the technology as the oil is more mobile with temperature, enzyme molecules adsorbed to the rock surface will promote crude mobility creating non attachment water wet surfaces in the drainage zone.


Another synergy is created when enzyme technology penetrates and diffuses in the formation changing the attachment behavior of oil, improving permeability and fluid mobility in the reservoir which is now ready to be pushed by the steam. Optimization report have shown 25% to 50% less steam is required for Steam Cycle with an incremental increase in recovery. 


GreenZyme®  for waterflood & Clusters

The GreenZyme® Enhanced Oil Recovery (GEOR) fluid technology can be slugged or injected sporadically in a waterflooding to improve the conditions of the sweep in the formation to promote more oil liberation in its path, mobilize unproduced skipped oil, mitigate fingering and reach further into the oil pockets.


Pumping GreenZyme® into injector wells is a simple procedure. Given the limits that currently exist for recovery technologies, treatment with enzyme fluid solution is reliable and cost effective way to achieve improved oil recovery, including at lower API gravity oil.


Clusters can be treated from central injector to produce a multi-well effect, which creates the opportunity to use less product to reach more wells. GreenZyme® molecule is highly diffusible in water and will travel in the formation liberating oil in its path while displacing crude into other wells.

greenzyme Bergen waterflood thesis crude sweep.jpg

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Container & packing


  • 220 gallon IBC tote with integrated pallet

    • 55gal drum + wood pallet (4 drums per pallet)

Cargo is inspected before it boards the shipping container:

• IBC or Drum & Pallet Integrity.

• Sealed Top Cap with additional tamper evident seals

• Steel Strapping for drums, steel cage for IBC protection

• Secured Bottom IBC Valve with tamper evident seal

Quality Control & Inventory Tracking to each individual country:

• Proper Import - Export labeling is attached to each Drum or IBC.

• Each Drum or IBC of GreenZyme® carries a Unique Numbered Security Identification Label specific to each Country or Territory

Certificate of Shipping, Transport & Free Trade Agreements:

• Shipping Container Number

• Quality Control Identification Label Numbers

• Shipping Container Metallic Seal Number

• Project Name and Destination


Biotech Processing Supply works with agents and Oil Field operators to arrange project Evaluation, Engineering, Promotion, Trade, Distribution, Shipment and Implementation of GreenZyme® Technology

Most of our orders ship in 20’ or 40’ containers using CIF modality for international shipping, flat bed trucks for distribution in the Continental USA to client or Forwarding agent.