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  • Lucas Evangelista

Benefits of Oil Well Treatment with GreenZyme Fluid Technology

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Operational Benefits of using GreenZyme Fluid:

Inert & Cost Effective Fluid, Environmentally Friendly and Biodegradable, Repeatable Huff and Puff Treatment.

Oil Well Productivity Benefits

  1. Conservative 40% increase in production with a success rate of 95%.

  2. Increase in production returns treatment cost with ROIs in 1 to 6 Months

  3. Reduced Lifting, Water Production and Transport Cost.

  4. Optimization Agent

Enzyme Fluid Advantage

  1. Proven to work in High Temperature Environments like Cyclic Steam and SAGD.

  2. Successful use in environments of varied salinity % and salt types.

  3. Water Based. Can be mixed and used with any available/acceptable water source.

Short Term Benefits from using GreenZyme Fluid Technology

  • Proven Solution to mobilize Heavy Oil by mitigating water cone and fingering.

  • Changes attachment behavior of crude which increases permeability of producing rock.

  • Reduces water-in-oil emulsions that hold interfacial tension together, allowing the oil to dissipate freely. GreenZyme begins polishing the oil in the reservoir as part of the separation activity.

  • Promotes fluid movement in the reservoir and the restoration of drainage behavior by creating a GreenZyme positive skin.

GreenZyme beneficial effects on reservoir fluids
GreenZyme beneficial effects on reservoir fluids

Long Term Benefits

  1. GreenZyme is a Catalyst, it will continue to work in the reservoir for up to 3 years promoting oil release.

  2. Water Based additive does not react with other chemicals, is not soluble in oil, is not a solvent.

  3. Multi-Use additive for more efficient waterflood sweep, cluster estimation, huff and puff, steam injection and surface separation.

  4. GreenZyme continues to diffuse in the mater medium travelling further in the producing layer.

  5. Huff n puff booters treatments have shown near by wells also receiving an increase in fluid production.

GreenZyme® is compatible with:

  • High Temperature, Steam Cycle .

  • Water Alternating Gas Injection (WAG).

  • All Upstream, mid and downstream operations where water and hydrocarbons are involved.

  • Surface Separation of Hydrocarbons.

  • Water based, not a solvent, not soluble in crude oil.

  • Coiled Tubing, bullheading and other fluid injection methods.

Benefits of oil well treatment with GreenZyme Fluid Technology in Venezuela Heavy Oil
Benefits of oil well treatment with GreenZyme Fluid Technology in Venezuela Heavy Oil


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