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  • Lucas Evangelista

Evaluation of Production Increase Stimulation with GreenZyme in Amolek Area Oil Wells

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

The decline in oil production rate is a serious problem and has long been a drag on the oil and gas industry. The decline in oil production rate of which can be caused by a decrease in permeability around the wellbore due to damage. Basically stimulation operations intended to increase the production rate and or improve fluid movement can be taken in a reservoir.

Evaluation of Production Increase Stimulation with GreenZyme in Amolek Area Oil Wells

Performance of well JV #43 before and after GreenZyme stimulation

Stimulation of wells can be done in two ways, namely: matrix stimulation (acidification / acidizing) and hydraulic stimulation (cracking / fracturing). However, stimulation using new technologies like GreenZyme is able to increase production rate and recovery of petroleum with operations that are relatively similar, simple and cost effective to the stimulation acidification / acidizing.

Apollo GreenZyme is a biotechnology product in the form of a liquid with a characteristic biological enzyme protein soluble in water. Biological enzyme is essentially a form of the catalyst is not living with a basis of protein. GreenZyme serves to mobilize the reservoir to the well. This is because GreenZyme can release the oil from the sand surface is catalytic and can change the oil surface wet or water-wet to GreenZyme protected water-wetted surface.

Amolek area conducted GreenZyme stimulation consisting of trials in three fields, namely “J” field, 1 well; 5 wells “JV” field; 2 wells in field “V”.Well JV #43 experienced the most significant increase in production, from 20 BOPD to 146 BOPD.

Stimulation GreenZyme conducted in the Amolek Area for Pertamina-Hulu proven to improve the productivity of wells, of total stimulation of 8 wells, 6 wells have increased production. Stimulation of 2 wells failed because of the selection criteria of the candidate wells. One of these wells was a dead well (non currently producing) that was attempted to be restarted with GreenZyme. The success ratio stimulation GreenZyme in Amolek area for Pertamina-Hulu is 75%.

Extract taken from web found abstract and edited for content, original report produced in 2008 by Jian Virgo


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