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  • Lucas Evangelista

GreenZyme Dynamic Force Potential and Positive Fluid Flow

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

GreenZyme Adsortion Activity on Surface of Crude in water medium.

By changing the adhesion behavior of crude oil that is now participating as an additional resistance to the natural permeability of each reservoir, GreenZyme increases the potential of Dynamic Force Activity (DFA) and Free Fluid Movement (FFM).

GreenZyme effect of Polar Forces!

Real Time Video

Combination of controlled salinity brine with bio-surfactant can increase oil production at any phase of recovery processes, given that Controlled Salinity composition has the capacity to effect electrostatic repulsion between rock-brine and oil brine interfaces and that bio-surfactant demonstrated stability in relevant salinity and temperature, and has capacity to reduce oil-brine IFT and alter rock surface wettability. This implies the possibility of increased oil production in manner that is both economically pro table and environmental friendly. Study of this thesis has significant impact on the design of bio-surfactant EOR process.


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