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BTP GreenZyme® at the Western Regional Meeting California

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

The conference held in Garden Grove, California on the 22nd April spanned across 4 days with great discussions, networking opportunities, and short courses. The theme of this event was Emerging Technologies for Maximizing Recoveries in California. The agenda included a variety of excellent papers and featured leaders of California's oil companies and reflective of California's production challenges.

The SPE Western Region has a long history of heavy oil thermal recovery in California. The ability of GreenZyme® to withstand high temperatures (270C on surface, 450C under reservoir pressure) creates an opportunity to enhance the recovery while reducing the volume of steam and reducing the injection pressures.

GreenZyme® as a pre-soak agent will liberate and mobilize heavy oil in the formation so that when the steam is injected, both their effect will be compounded, increasing the cycle efficiency and sweep potential with a reduction in the required steam volume.

I enjoyed my time at the conference with amazing interest at out stand and was exited to sponsor the poster sessions for the young and upcoming students.

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