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  • Lucas Evangelista

Enzyme Enhanced Oil Recovery (EEOR) for Waterflooding Operations

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

GreenZyme® is completely mixable in produced water, it has been found effective in concentrations of 0.01% in academic studies, and still be productive in “releasing” crude oil from rock surfaces in the formation as it continuously diffuses in the reservoir.

GreenZyme® is then an agent in combination or replacement of all secondary oil-recovery additives. As a non-chemical and non-reactant catalyst fluid, GreenZyme will continue to release crude oil from rock surfaces over time.

Enzyme Enhanced Oil Recovery (EEOR) for Waterflooding Operations
Enzyme Enhanced Oil Recovery (EEOR) for Waterflooding Operations

The waterflooding procedure is as follows:

1) Quantity of GreenZyme® needed: In a regular waterflooding drive, produced water is pumped from the injector wells with pressure towards the receiver-wells, which are the producer wells. Typical production engineer will estimate how many m3 of produced water is currently cycling through the waterflooding system, and also estimate how many tons of crude oil this cycle of injection will produce before repeating the next cycle of waterflooding drive.

Under standard waterflooding drive, calculate the quantity of GreenZyme® needed for dosing at 10% strength with total tons of water injected.

2) How to apply GreenZyme® Fluid Technology into this waterflooding drive?

You do not need to use an external tank to dilute the GreenZyme® concentrate before injection in case of having to stop the injection regimen to perform the operation (not able to use dosing pump), or we can use the underground formation as a mixing-tank by using the dosing pump without stoping the water injection, since GreenZyme® is easily and instantly mixable with produced-water in the underground formation.

Note: Significant crude oil increase in waterflooding production wells will happen only after the injection of produced-water + GreenZyme® eventually reaches the producing oil wells. This may happen in weeks, sometimes in months, depending on how far away the distance between injection well and the producing well and also the geological formation-profile underground.

What is the difference by using GreenZyme® in waterflooding drive versus without use of GreenZyme® at all? • The injection-cycle using GreenZyme® Smart Water will produce significantly more crude oil than the cycle without GreenZyme®. • The injection-cycle using GreenZyme® will extend the period of time crude oil increment will last as the action and effect of GreenZyme has been recorded for up to +36 months. • The pumping pressure is reduced as GreenZyme opens flow channels and detaches oil (i.e. using less pumping pressure means less energy costs) with GreenZyme® than the one without, and the total amount of liquid capable to be injected into the formation is increased than the one without GreenZyme®, as GreenZyme bring water to pores where oil is displaced.

Issued: August 21, 2008


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