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GreenZyme Action to Separate Solids and Collect Additional Crude

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Currently oil fields and refineries dispose of unwanted residues in storage tanks or pits. Facilities resort to accumulation of the waste without having any processing capacity for the task. Many facilities and operators and discouraged due to strict environmental requirements , but more importantly, by not having a proper solution for the recurring problem from the facilities own design. When pits are filled more need to be created to avoid creating bottlenecks of waste.


  • Mobile plant can process sludge and residue using multiple technologies like OWS, Water Processing and solids removal. Also GreenZyme Fluid and Flocculants can be added to enhance the separation processes and increase the efficiency of the modular plants.

  • Sludge can be processed to recovery and polish crude oil for income while separating water and solids.

  • Water can be purified using several industry proven systems like biological remediation or reverse osmosis systems The results is discharge compatible affluent.

  • Solids can be contained and then further treated biologically to achieve 1% TPH to render the solids discharge compatible.


  • Oil waste pits and tanks can be processed with a fast and standardized method

  • Mobile Plant can be relocated for convenience, it can enter facilities and provide waste volume reduction.

  • Cleaned Sites can be reused although preferably closed

  • Meet new environmental requirements for environmentally compatible discharge

As you can see in the picture bellow, in the lab GreenZyme 3% strength in heated water solution mixed with blender 5 minutes achieves separation in different layers. Defined layers of light solids (C12-H10), light and heavy oils C5 to C40, water and solids at bottom.

GreenZyme separation of daqing sludge crude oil

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