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GreenZyme® EOR Single Well Treatment Implementation

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

GreenZyme® implementation has very simple and cost effective steps. The fluid arrives in concentrate form to the field site. The objective is to mix the concentrate on site with compatible reservoir injection water to create the volume for the treatment.

In simple terms, GreenZyme is a detergent concentrate that requires dilution before deployment into the producing layer.

GreenZyme® will break interfacial tension IFT, change wettability while creating a positive skin. Greenzyme competes with the crude oil for adsorption into the rock surface. GreenZyme polar action then promotes for the crude oil to break adhesion bonds with the rock surface. This ultimate mobilizes oil to increase oil well production.

Neuquen, Argentina GreenZyme Treatment
Neuquen, Argentina GreenZyme Treatment

Simple Implementation on site: You will require a truck with mixing tank; 5000 PSI pump for injection via Casing (pressure test) or Coil Tubing delivery with additional reservoir compatible water available. Mix GreenZyme concentrate on site to create GreenZyme batch fluid volume depending on the selected well criteria. Pump GreenZyme batch into the reservoir layer. When the enzyme + water batch/slug volume is completed, follow up with additional water to clean the tubes from valuable product and displace the product further into the well bore. Job is easy and can be done in 4 to 8 hours depending on flow rate.

Simple Implementation
GreenZyme Treatment Injection in Neuquen, Argentina

GreenZyme® is compatible with:

  • High temperature reservoirs, Steam Cycles and SAGD treatments

  • Water flood / Water Drive

  • Heavy, Medium & Light crude oils

  • ESP pump, PCP pumps and any other lifting system.

  • Vertical & Horizontal wells, on-shore and off-shore

  • Coil tubing, bullheading an and and other injection systems

  • Sandstone & Limestone formations, Carbonates and Shale

  • Mitigates Formation Damage

  • Provides a new Positive Skin

  • Water Alternating Gas Additive - WAG

Treatments can be Heated to 80°C on surface before injection without affecting the integrity or potency of GreenZyme. GreenZyme has been recorded performing at 270°C in laboratory studies.

After Treatment with GreenZyme®:

  • Cap the well for the suggested time to allow the enzyme to perform its biological function. Soaking time will depend on the current well production profile. Soaking allows for the enzyme molecule to make contact with the rock and start displacing the crude oil by influencing and breaking the adhesion behavior.

  • Monitor well static fluid level for changes

Beyond Treatment:

Monitor static fluid level

Adjust pump frequencies to reflect the new well conditions.

Re-start well and put the well into production

GreenZyme effect have been recorded for up to +36 months of successful increased production in different projects.

GreenZyme continues to provide an active positive skin due to it catalytic work.


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