• Lucas Evangelista

GreenZyme® EOR Single Well Treatment Implementation

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

GreenZyme® is a water-based, inert Biological Enzyme Fluid Technology (non reactive, non soluble in crude, non digesting) mixed with reservoir water in order to inject into the production zone. GreenZyme® will break interfacial tension IFT, change wetability and mobilize oil to increase oil well production.

Neuquen, Argentina GreenZyme Treatment
Neuquen, Argentina GreenZyme Treatment

Simple Implementation: You will require a truck with mixing tank; 5000 PSI pump for injection via Casing or Tubing; additional truck with reservoir water to displace GreenZyme® slug into reservoir. Job is easy and can be done in 4 to 8 hours.

Simple Implementation
GreenZyme Treatment Injection in Neuquen, Argentina

GreenZyme® is Compatible with:

  • High temperature reservoirs, Steam Cycles and SAGD treatments

  • Water flood / Water Drive

  • Heavy, Medium, Light crude oils

  • ESP pump , PCP pumps and any other lifting system

  • Vertical & Horizontal wells , on-shore and off-shore

  • Coil tubing, bullheading an and and other injection systems

  • Sandstone & Limestone formations, Carbonates and Shale

  • Treats Formation Damage / Positive Skin

  • Water Alternating Gas Additive - WAG

Treatments can be Heated to 80°C on surface before injection without affecting the integrity or potency of GreenZyme. GreenZyme has been recorded performing at 270°C in laboratory studies.

After Treatment with GreenZyme®:

  • Cap the well for the suggested time to allow the enzyme to perform its biological function.

Beyond Treatment:

GreenZyme effect have been recorded up to +36 months of increased production

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