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SPE EOR Conference at OGWA 2018

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

The conference held in Muscat, Oman is a bi-annual exhibition in the GCC region, with experts in the field coming together to discuss innovations and experiences in EOR with emphasis in heavy oil. The event is a great platform to network with professionals that share similar treatment concepts like GreenZyme Fluid Technology.

Heavy Oil Conference in Oman promoting GreenZyme Fluid technology for stimulation and water cone mitigation

The theme of this year's conference is Staying the Course and Moving to New Frontiers, with the industry at an elusive stage due to oil prices, the challenge is to continuously advance the current productivity with greater technologies that are cost-effective. Among these has been the polymer-enhanced waterflooding system, which is now responsible for 25% of the field’s output although proven very costly in Oman.

Operators need to ensure money is invested wisely with maximized efforts focusing on mature fields where 70% of the worlds oil and gas is already found. With additional methods and increased sweep efficiencies of new technologies we can produce more supply of oil. As little as 1% additional recovery from mature fields worldwide, produces a two-year supply of global oil.

The International Energy Agency has estimated the demand for energy will increase by 37% over the next 20 years. The focus will need to be on these mature fields as this is where the most cost-effective oil can be found. GreenZyme® technology has proven very effective in recovering additional oil and in reducing cost and complexity for these well treatments.

To expand this efficiency from mature fields, we have to take a look at these three techniques: immediate impact interventions (where we observe the inadequate wells and deliver oil instantly from them), optimized reservoir management (where we concentrate on secondary and tertiary flooding methods) and discovery of new pay zones (where new innovation is utilized for reaching pay zones not active before). These three methods pose some challenges but have significant benefits that will advance the production notably.

GreenZyme Fluid technology has proven to be a successful water based additive that can merge the of polarity that oil and water that keeps them from mixing with each other. When GreenZyme is used in the reservoir, it changes the polarity and attachment behavior of oil without reacting or modifying the crude properties. This effect allows the crude to slide of the rock increasing the flow of fluid in the reservoir and in turn the oil well output.

The event is increasingly successful this year, in which international experts have shared innovative designs, advanced technologies and methods help to contribute to the sustainability and advancement of EOR.

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Recovery factor and water flooding with biological enzyme concentration of 5%

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